Asalha Puja day

Asalha Puja Day 2022

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Asalha Puja day, also called Dharma Day, is a Buddhist holiday which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the month of Āsādha. This year fall on Wednesday 13 July 2022. The important thing of this day is buddha preached enlightenment for the first time on Asalha Puja day( 15th day of the bleaching moon of the 8th lunar month). As a result, this might be regarded the first day of announcing Buddhism to peoples in the world.

Asalha Puja day, Lord Buddha preached Buddhism for the first time (two months after his enlightenment), he preached his first sermon to the five ascetics at the Isipatanamarugadivan forest, Varanasi, Magadha Province. The Dharma that the Lord Buddha preached is known as the “Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta,” which means as “The Setting in Motion of the Wheel of the Dharma Sutta “.  The fact that the Buddha taught his Dhamma to others, had earned him the status of Samma-sambuddha, a self-enlightened being who teaches his Knowledge to the world. As a result, it is said that the world now has three full triple gems, namely the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

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The first sermon’s main point. There are two basic principles:

1. Majjhima Patipada, or the intermediate path It is a practice that is impartial, accurate, and acceptable for achieving the purpose, it is call the Noble Eightfold Path. The Noble Eightfold Paths in Buddhist teachings are the paths leading us to cessation of suffering and the achievement of self-awakening.

  • Right View : A true understanding of how reality and suffering are intertwined.
  • Right Intention : The desire to behave with good intentions while causing no damage.
  • Right Speech : Avoiding lying and divisive or abusive speech
  • Right Action : Acting in non-harmful ways, such as not taking life, stealing, or indulging in sexual misbehavior.
  • Right Livelihood : Making an ethical lifestyle and being honest in commercial transactions.
  • Right Effort : Endeavoring to give rise to skillful thoughts, words, and deeds and renouncing unskillful ones.
  • Right Mindfulness : Being aware of one’s own body, emotions, thoughts, and mental traits.
  • Right Concentration : Using all seven of the preceding aspects to practice skillful meditation.

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2. Four Noble Truths are the truths of the Noble Ones.

  • Dukkha : Understand about the real problems that suffer and face reality.
  • Samudaya : Cause of pain or the cause of the problem Lust, or the rope of desire, is the main cause of pain, and it is connected to other issues.
  • Nirodha : Eliminating suffering. Being aware of the world and living a wise life
  • Magga : It is the problem-solving process, which is the eightfold path approach indicated above.

The activities of Asalha Puja day are merit, candlelight procession, promotion of Buddhist principles, and reminding of Buddha teachings.

On Asalha Puja day, I usually go to make merit at temple near my place, feeding fishes, candlelight procession. I did like this every year to remind themselves of the buddha teachings. What about you? I hope you found good way to live life and practice Buddha’s teachings. Thank you.

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