Great Video conference applications for Work from Home

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Within a week the situation as we know has disrupted a lot of business, some unemployed their employee and many starts working from home. It sounds pretty simple to work from home, right? But nothing easy if you were not prepared well enough. The most challenging thing about working from home is face to face communication which would be replaced by text, call, and video, okay now we know the solution to the problem.

However, the solution alone would not help if you do not acknowledge the right tools to the problems, so in this blog today I will give you some interesting applications to help you solve the threat of working from home.

Most of these following apps are free to use or provide you free package.



            The most popular online video conference application nowadays. With good quality and easy to use create good feedback and word of mouth from customers. Zoom gives you all the features, that your company would be needed for online meetings, such as be able to receive a call from mobile phone number, PIN code, screen monitoring.


  • Free maximum 100 people video conference at the same time, limited 40 minutes for each conference (reconnect if needed more)
  • Purchased starting from 14.99 USD (465THB) maximum 100 people video conference at the same time for unlimited time


            This gamer favorite application gives you everything they have from a simple chat room, audio chat to video call for 10 people at the same moment with no time limitation. moreover, you can use this application on web browser! Discord is really simple to use you would take no time to study the app.


  • Free
  • Purchased to unlock more features especially for gamers (Animated pop-ups, donation, etc..)


            The OG of video call program that each must be aware of. Even though lately the popularity has been decreased because of higher competition within the industry. Skype still has a huge base customer loyal to the application. The strength of Skype is the ability to access to every customer with every type of device and easy to use and well-organized application and forever free to use.


  • Free
  • Purchased to make outgoing calls to phone number.


            One of the features from G Suite for online corporate conference with a maximum of 100 people at a time and allow you to connect with another application within G Suite like Google Slides and Google Calendar. If you already are the G Suite member, Hangout Meets would be the best tool for you because you can use it for free and with the newest update, “Enterprise”, increase the maximum number of people to 250, live-streamed 100,000 people max at the same time, automatically save to Google Drive.


  • Free for G Suite member
  • G Suite membership plan 6 dollars a month

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft users who is using Office 365 may consider Microsoft Teams as a solution. This tool provides you everything you need for video conference and connects to every Office 365 apps which will be very comfortable to use.


  • Free for Office 365 user with access to every feature
  • Free for everyone limited access to some features.

Cisco Webex

            Especially focus on corporate-level business with a maximum 3,000 people meeting and 100,000 live-streamed. Right now, offer a free package for 100 people meeting with no time limitation.


  • Free
  • Purchased starting from 13.50 dollars


These are just some of the many applications that I suggest for today, there are plenty more for you to discover! I hope we all get past this situation together and be careful even you stay in the house, wash your hand often, wear a mask if needed to go outside. Good Luck and have fun Working from Home.




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