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Coworking and Rental offices for startup in Bangkok, Thailand

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Are you looking for coworking space or rental offices for startup when starting a business or expand business in Bangkok, Thailand?  The Company Bangkok is a coworking space and rental offices for startup


This time, with the cooperation of director Ms. Makoto Takani, who runs the coworking space “The Company” in Asok.

We asked about the current situation of rental offices and coworking spaces in Bangkok.


In Thailand, the number of people working in co-working spaces has increased due to work from home.

Even now, many people are looking for co-working spaces because they find it difficult to work at home or they can’t concentrate on their work.

At the same time, the number of digital nomads from overseas also increasing, and it seems that many people are looking for a place where they can work comfortably other than the hotel or guest house they are staying at.

In addition, many people are coming to inspect Thailand from overseas in preparation for expanding into Thailand because of the ease restrictions.

Q. Please tell us about The Company

The Company is a co-working space on the 23rd floor of GMM, Thailand’s largest entertainment company, located in Asok, Bangkok’s business district. We have spacious shared space, and we also operate a rental offices for startup to medium company that allows company registration. Various companies and individuals from all over the world gather in the shared space every day, making it an ideal international space for international exchange.

In addition to co-working and rental offices for startup to medium company , we also provide support for various events using shared spaces, and we have 2 types of rental conference rooms. We also have a photo studio, which is used by many people, including entertainment companies in GMM.

From 2022, The Company also be developing a rental offices for startup to medium in Jasmin city. It is close to Asok Station and is easily accessible, so we would like many people to use it. (Click here for details.)

The Company have overseas branch offices over the world, which is Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Hawaii. If you are a member of our company, you can use all bases, not just Thailand.

Q. Please tell us about the current situation where restrictions on entry to Thailand are being relaxed.

In Thailand, immigration restrictions were imposed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, making it difficult to enter and exit internationally. However, immigration restrictions have been relaxed recently and I feel that more and more people are visiting Thailand from overseas for inspections assuming that they will advance into Thailand.

We are receiving more inquiries from people looking for an office to start a business in Bangkok and rental office for startup. I think we are gradually returning to the pre-corona situation.

Q. What do you think the office style will be in the future?

With the spread of telecommuting and changes in working styles, I feel that there is a growing trend toward downsizing from large offices to smaller ones. There was a period of global work-from-home trend, and I began to hear a lot of voices from business owners saying, “I’m thinking about how the office should be.”

I think that the awareness of the coworking space itself is increasing, and I think that many people will use coworking sooner or later.

Q. Please tell me about coworking spaces and rental offices

GMM has a spacious coworking space. Drop-in without reservation is possible (250THB per day). We offer free Wi-Fi and drink service.

The office space has various rooms ranging from 2-person rooms to 12-person rooms and is often used by startups and those looking for a small office.

Jasmine City also has a shared spaces and variety of rental offices ranging from 2- to 9-person rooms. As it is located near Asok Station, it is popular with those looking for an office near the station.

Both offices are fully equipped with printers and rental conference rooms, making it easy to start business immediately.

Q. What kind of things do you want to work on in the future?

I would like to use the coworking space to hold various exchange events. At The Company, we also value the idea of work links. Through the coworking space environment, people with various backgrounds from different countries can interact, creating businesses that transcend the boundaries of company size and country, and expanding the circle of the community. I think it would be great if we could create a chemical reaction.

To achieve this, we strive to create an international, homely and comfortable space. We are available in Thai, Japanese and English, so please feel free to contact us.

Ms. Mokoto Takani, the director of The Company Bangkok 

Company name: EQUATION(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

Contact: Click Here

Tel:+66 2 116 7924

Address:50 GMM Grammy Place 23FL Soi Sukhumvit 21, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are looking for coworking space or rental offices for startup.

🚩 Let’s visit us  @thecompanybangkok

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