Covid-19 Dangerous Species

Covid-19 Dangerous Species in Thailand You Must Beware!

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Many Covid 19 species have been identified as a variation of concern(VOC) by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Covid-19 dangerous species have been discovered in Thailand, and you should be careful of around 4-5 kinds.

1. Omicron 

This is a new species from South Africa that has already been found in Thailand. Capable of evading immunity even after having had two vaccinations. Those infected with Omicron strains were discovered to have a nose that can also sense smells. The tongue tastes fine and rarely has a temperature, but it has symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, and pneumonia (symptoms similar to the Delta species). There is currently insufficient evidence to establish if the condition is more serious or not.

2. Gamma

It was first detected in Brazil. Concern: This strain is more invasive than the initial strain. As a result, the vaccines immunological effectiveness against this strain is diminished. There is currently no gamma strain outbreak in Thailand. It was only discovered in those returning from abroad.

3. Delta

It was first detected in India. In May 2021, it was found in the Laksi Worker Camp Cluster and quickly expanded over the current territory.  the most common species in Thailand.

In Thailand, this one is extremely dangerous because many patients are in serious condition and are immune-compromised. Patients will have flu-like symptoms, but this is complicated and you can get this virus even received two doses of the vaccine. This is one Covid-19 dangerous species in Thailand that are causing worry.

4. Alpha

It was first detected in United Kingdom. In May 2021, it was found in Thonglor and It is a more easily spread species than the original species around 40-70%. Patients will have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, sore throat, shortness of breath, body and headache, and abnormal taste-smell

5. Beta

It was first detected in South Africa that has already been found in Thailand. It is a more easily spread species around 50%. It reduced antibody effectiveness, resulting in body pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, red eyes, altered taste-olfactory, and a skin rash or discoloured fingers and toes.

As the coronavirus reaches the lungs, it causes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, pulmonary mucus, chest discomfort, and loss of capacity to talk and move.

I think all of it is Covid-19 dangerous species, therefore you should be cautious. I always take care of myself and be careful every time. Please do not forget to wearing a face mask, washing hands, using alcohol gel, and social distance. I hope everyone is fine and every thing gets well soon.

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