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Review: Covid19 Vaccine Second Dose In Thailand

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Hello everyone, after the last article. I have the opportunity to inject covid19 vaccine for the second dose on 20 August 2021. So I’d want to talk about how I’m feeling and what I should do after having the immunization.

This time, I have a morning appointment at the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology. When we arrived, they will give us a Risk Assessment for the COVID 19 Infection and wait for registration. Proceed in the same step as I did at the first time I had the injection. >Covid19 Vaccine First Dose<


This time, there aren’t as many people, so it won’t take that long and the place is great, with great management and well-defined guidelines. We are grateful to SSO, SYNTEC, and Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology. We got Astrazeneca in the first dose and waited around 2 months and 12 days before getting Astrazeneca the second dose.

After we finish, we sit down and wait for 30 minutes to see that any effect we going to have. Thank goodness, we don’t have any severe symptoms apart from arm pain, body pain and a headache. However, if you think that you are not feeling well or that you are experiencing serious side effects, you should tell medical attention right once.

I recommend that you rest after getting the covid19 vaccine because it will make you tired and you avoid strenuous exercise or massaging your arm because it will induce inflammation. Another issue is that I’m not sure if this is a side effect of the covid19 vaccine or if I wake up early in the morning because I’m so hungry, and I asked another colleague, who is also hungry but another isn’t. By the way, we hope that everyone is vaccinated quickly and returns to regular life.

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