Covid-19 Test

Covid-19 Test

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Everyone should be cautious whether going out or keeping at home during Covid-19, but if you believe you have Covid-19 symptoms, you should get checked. There are two choices for Covid-19 Test: attend to the hospital or buy from a pharmacy. How is covid-19 test working?

1. Real time RT-PCR

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) is one of the most widely used and accurate laboratory methods for detecting Covid-19 test. A sample is taken from the nose or throat. After that, they will extraction then uses RT-PCR machine. This test is only available in hospitals and receive the results of your test as early as 24 hours after sample collection, but sometimes it can take a few days and also you can request medical certificate but, it takes some cost depend on the hospital.

2. Rapid Test

You can buy from pharmacy and test at home. Rapid Test is lower quality than RT-PCR tests, but would be better than no test at all. Rapid Test kits are available in Thailand in two varieties: antigen test kits, which collect samples from the nose or throat, and antibody test kits, which collect blood samples. It gives results in 20 minutes

If you need the basic Covid-19 test, I believe you may get it in a pharmacy.  However, it must be produced in accordance with FDA standards but If you have a silent infection, the test may not be detect it; you must test again after 3-5 days.

I’ve had previous experience since I had symptoms similar to covid-19. That time, I used the hospital’s real-time RT-PCR covid-19 test. When they extracted a sample from my nose, it was very painful on the inside. After a few days, I got my result. My results are undetectable. I have a cold, but I remain at home for around 14 days for my own protection.

I hope everything gets well soon, and don’t forget to wear a face mask, use alcohol gel, and social distancing. Thank you.


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