Bangkok's city pillar shrine

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine

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Spiritual site in Bangkok is “Bangkok’s city pillar shrine

Also known as San Lak Muang is one of the most ancient, sacred, and magnificent city pillar shrines in Thailand. It was believed that people would achieve prosperity and fulfillment in their work and career, avoid misfortune, and improve their luck, power, and prestige if they took a bow and paid their respects at this sacred place.

Things need to be prepared

First of all, you need to have a lotus flower, candle, joss sticks, gold leaf, and 3 pieces of silk fabric. You can find inside Bangkok City Pillar Shrine but I buy from outside.

After that, go inside the replica of the City Pillar, light the candle and incense. Place the incense and tie the 3 pieces of silk fabric around one of the replicas of the City Pillar. Then gild the gold leaf.

In the City Pillar Shrine, For Rama I’s City Pillar, the top of the pillar is lotus-shaped (tall) and for Rama IV’s City Pillar, the top of the pillar is Met Song Man – shaped (plump). You can pray whatever you want.

Besides being an important historical site, The City Pillar Shrine is also protected by fives guardian spirits, four of which are made of bronze, while the fifth is made of wood They are of the craftsmanship of the early Rattanakosin era. They are all reputed to time of trouble. These fives guardian spirits are.

The point to fill the vegetable oil to the Birthday Buddha Image lamp. The tradition of The City Pillar Shrine is to fill the vegetable oil to the Birthday Buddha Image lamp half full to brighten your life, full of prosperity. The remaining half will be filled at the last lamp to expel bad fortune, suffering, and disease from oneself. The filling of the oil lamp of the Birthday Buddha is the last step in worshipping the holy artifacts in the City Pillar Shrine.

I think we can learn history from Bangkok’s city pillar shrine, know more about our culture and this place is also the true center of the mind for all Thai people. after that you can look at many beautiful temples around here you will feel amazing and love it.

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