Dance in Thailand

Amazing Dance in Thailand

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Thailand has such an amazing culture and one of richest traditional country in the world. Furthermore, Thailand has a wide range of traditions and cultures that are similar to the influence of India and old Khmer. Dance in Thailand is the main dramatic and emotional art form of Thailand.

Thai Dance is a graceful and interpretative performance. It has played an indispensable part in Thai life from historical times to the present day. Thai dance, like many forms of traditional Asian dance, can be divided into two major categories which is classical dance and folk dance.

Classical Dance in Thailand

Classical Dance in Thailand have three sorts is Khon, Lakhon and Fon.

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  • Khon is a masked dance drama in Thailand, most Khon performances feature episodes from the Ramakien and have a costume like Thai royal in the past.
  • Lakhon falls into three categories: Lakhon Nai, a performing art that originated in the royal court of Siam, Lakhon Nok, a genre of theatre from the Ayutthaya and  Lakhon Chatri, a genre of dance and drama from Central Thailand. 
  • Fon, a form of folk dance that originated in the north of Thailand, performed to the sound of traditional folk music of the region. A variety of Fon came into practice, featuring the music and style of each province, such as the Fon lep (fingernail dance).

Folk Dance in Thailand

The traditional folk dance of Thailand have their roots both in the indigenous tribal of the region commemorating religious festivals, seasonal activities. Popular regional dances of central is Ram si nuan, Northeast is Serng Kratip Khoa, Northern is Fon Sao Mai and Southern is Nora.

Dance culture in Thailand is one of the best in the World. When I was young, I learned traditional Thai Dance call Ram Thai and I felt that Thai dance is so delicate and beautiful. Therefore, when I see some Thai festival on television, the feeling from back then came back to me and It is truly unique and exciting. If I have chance I want to go to Siam Niramit because there have show about the cultural history of Thailand with live elephants & dancing show and able to join traditional Thai classical dance class.

What is your favorite cultural dance? Let’s share with us!!




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