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Thai manners by “WAI”

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    The word that is often said while Wai to greeting or saying goodbye is the word “Hello” from Phraya Upakit Silpasarn or Nim Kanchanachiva, which “Sawas” means progress. Included then translated as “May prosperity”.

        “Wai” is a long tradition of Thai manners. Wai is an expression of respect. And honoring each other It expresses the meaning for greeting, thanking, apologizing, or saying goodbye. By put the palms of our hands together and raise them up and bend our head down at different levels according to the person’s position.

  1. Wai to Buddha images especially monks, relics and places related to Buddhism. If you cannot prostrate in Benjakradit By praising your hand and raising it with your head bowed to the thumb between the eyebrows The fingertips are attached to the top of the forehead.
  2. Wai to patronage and elders, including grandfathers, grandparents, parents, teachers, and those you respect by praising your hand and raising it to them.
  3. Your head bowed to the tip of your nose Fingertips attached between the eyebrows.
  4. Respect for general people who are respected or a slightly higher senior By spreading your hand and raising it with his head bowed to the tip of the chin Fingertips attached to the nose.

In my opinion, Thai manners by Wai makes adults respect and love. But nowadays the young generation has less importance on the culture of wai or overlook the culture of wai. Which most the young generation adopt foreign cultures to practice, such as greeting each other by shaking hands or nodding.



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