Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Day 2021

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Christmas Day is a lovely festival and full with symbolism in the pine decorations. This year fall on Saturday 25 December 2021. Christmas begins on the evening of Christmas Eve, which is always on 24th of December.

Christmas is a holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus. The Christian supreme prophet considers an annual event to which Christians place significant importance. When many people think of Christmas day, they will undoubtedly think of “Santa Claus.” Santa Claus, or Santa, is a nice elderly guy with a plump physique who wears a red outfit and a white beard. It has a sleigh and a red-nosed reindeer, which Santa Claus was modelled. “St. Nicholas”

Christmas is not a Thai holiday. However, as you enter this festival in most department stores, you will see that it is frequently decked with a giant Christmas tree. Most individuals are aware that we are approaching Christmas day towards the end of the year. Including the environment of conveying happiness to one another through blessings and presents.

We like these days so much because we are cheerful and enjoy ourselves together at The Company Bangkok, and we always decorate the premises.  By the way, We wish your holiday celebrations are full of lots of fun, surprises, and magic! 

Remember to keep social distance. wear a face mask, wash your hands regularly and take care of your health.

Merry Christmas  and Happy new year to you all.


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