Songkran Festival in 2022

Songkran Festival in 2022

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Songkran Festival in 2022 is coming up next week. We are very excited every time, because we will have a long holiday for family and have activities.  But, unfortunately since the COVID-19, the government does not allow activities from pass many years, but this year, the government allows you to participate in events and go to your hometown or another province, but everyone should take VUCA measures to protect themselves against COVID-19.

What is VUCA?

V =  Vaccine: To establish immunity against COVID, get vaccinated. Reduce the severity of symptoms and death
U = Universal Prevention: Apply Self-Defense Measures to Everyone, Anywhere, and At Any Time.
C = COVID Free Setting: Secure vaccinations and ATK checks are completed by providers on a regular basis.
A = Antigen Test Kit: When you are at risk for COVID or have flu-like symptoms, use an ATK test kit to screen for it.

Prepare for the Songkran Festival in 2022.

1. People should receive two doses of vaccination and have their ATK tested within 72 hours.
2. If you must utilize public transportation, you must wear a face mask at all times, use alcohol gel, and avoid eating or drinking alcohol while on the transport.
3. Songkran Festival organizers and activities must register on the Thai Stop Covid 2 Plus (TSC2+) system and self-assessment based on the kind of COVID Free Setting measures, such as special events. (Concerts/music, events, festivals, fairs), community gatherings, religious institutions, restaurants, public transportation, and etc.

During Songkran Festival in 2022

They will set up activities for you to participate for pouring water on the hands of revered elders and asking for blessing, sprinkle water on a Buddha image, merit making rituals, splashing water, procession, or musical performances.

By the way, splashing water, soft-prepared chalk and foam parties are not permitted in public spaces such as Ex. Road.

After Songkran Festival in 2022

After returning from the Songkran festival, you should check yourself. If you feel unwell, you should use ATK test and, if possible, work from home and keep social distancing.

We would like to inform you that Songkran Festival in 2022  we will be closed from the 13th to the 15th of April 2022 (16th -17th April 2022 is Saturday and Sunday) and will resume on the 18th of April 2022.

Last year, I enjoyed traveling by motorcycle from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai, but this year I have no plans and think this year will get hot than last year. By the way, I  wish you a very pleasant Songkran Festival! Let us wish each other a year filled with pleasure, fun, health, and wealth. Allow the coolness and positivism of Songkran to permeate your life and make the coming year more prosperous for you. May the waters wash away all your troubles and sorrow. Happy Songkran Festival

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