Japanese festival

The Japanese festival

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Have you ever visited Japan? And what are you know of the Japanese festival? Admin will suggest a Japanese festival today if you plan on going to Japan.

 1. The Snow Sapporo Festival

The Snow Sapporo Festival begins in February every year. It is Japan’s largest winter celebration. It will be place in Hokkaido’s Sapporo.

 2. The Hanami Festival

The Sakura Festival or The Hanami Festival begins in March – April every year. It is the blooming season for the Sakura. The Sakura flower symbolize spring. It attracted lots of tourists to the park and temple to see it. The most popular temple is Daigoji, often known as the Temple of Flowers in Japan. Dango 3 colors are also aspect of the festivity.  It is a dish that is popular during this event.

3.  The Hanabi Festival

The Firework Festival or The Hanabi Festival is symbolized by Summer in Japan. Beginning every year in July – August. Almost all tourists will attend the Sumida River fireworks show. This event will be for spending time with loved ones and family. The fireworks be lit for two hours if there is a large festival. To attend this event, you should wear a yukata.

4. The 3,5,7 Festival

The 3,5,7 Festival, also known as Shichi-go-san, begins Every year on November 15th, in the autumn. Children between the ages of three five and seven will be celebrating. The parents of the kids will visit a shrine to wish for their wellness. The kids will dress in kimonos for go to the shrine.

We are love Japanese Festival. If you will travel in Japan don’t forget to visit festival that admin recommended. We hope you enjoy with your trip.

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