Food Coma

What is a Food Coma?

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Yawn! After eat I feel sleepy, tiredness and slumped in  chair. Why it happen? Postprandial somnolence is a normal state of drowsiness or lassitude following a meal. If the meal consumed is large enough, one can go into a food coma due to changes in circulation and with less blood in your brain, you feel sleepy.

How to prevent food coma.

  1. Drink water before eat, eat balanced in lunch time and don’t forget to eat breakfast because if you don’t eat breakfast you’ll overeating in the afternoon.
  2. little bit walk and moving body after ate.
  3. Drink back coffee or Green tea.
  4. Eat more fiber
  5. Do not sleep late night because will make you more hungry.

These signals are triggered by your body during digestion. Don’t worry isn’t harmful to the body it happen few hours. By the way, it disturbed your work time so you must take care of yourself – In order to achieve a balanced lifestyle. For me, I find that I have food coma when I eat lunch I can feel myself instantly get tired and sleepy but I learn to control food and walk after eat. I get better after did. Please try some exercise after lunch and if you have any idea for avoid food coma, let’s share with us !

Have a nice long weekend.


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