brain fog

What is brain fog?

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Brain fog happen as a consequence of symptoms due to brain activity, making it difficult to focus, slow down, easily forget, mood swings and stress also are frequent. It happens to everybody at any age, but it is possible to recover brain function to normal or to back to being if the therapy is not on point, which symptoms of brain exhaustion frequently impact daily life.

The primary cause of brain fog.

1. Not getting enough rest
2. Stressed
3. Lack of regular exercise
4. The body is dehydrated
5. Suffer with various chronic diseases
6. suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression hormonal confliction

brain fog

How to decrease risk of a brain fog

1. Make time to live a Work Life Balance lifestyle. There is a clear distinction between work time and personal time.
2. Maintain an optimistic attitude Instead of repeating negative ideas, look for the good.
3. Get enough rest, exercise regularly, and consume healthy foods.
4. Set a time to engage in new activities that you like or to attempt new things that you have never done before.
5. Seek the opinion of a medical professional.

From my experience, it happened when I sleep late at night and continue to watch movie series until late night everyday, because I enjoy watching series and forget when it would be time to go to bed. Next day, I feel like my brain is slowing down and I can’t focus after waking up in the morning. Now I tried to have a balance in my life, make scheduled and sleep on time because if I don’t change I’ll have problems with my body, my daily life, and my relationships.

I hope that everyone will takes care of yourself and manages their time in life, they will be happy and free of brain fog.

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