Cashless society

Cashless society

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Cash Is Not King in the Time of Covid-19

During Covid-19, we need to take care, protect our self, social distancing and corona virus pushing us towards a cashless society because this virus may survive maximum 9 days on banknotes.  We have a variety of payment options through digital payment, which will provide another way to reduce the risk of banknote exposure.

Many medical experts have declared that paper currency is not a major source of coronavirus transmission. But that hasn’t stopped merchants and consumers from shying away from cash transactions, opting instead for touch-free payments.


Bank transfer and online payment by credit card are most the popular payment method at the present. But, I want to introduce my favorite method to make a payment and protect myself while this Covid-19.

QR Code payment by mobile banking 

In my opinion, this is the most easiest and fast method to pay. Just scan the QR code of store and transfer the money to the other. Even on the online store, some of the stores have the QR code on their page. It is really simple and easy to both of customer and seller.

The world change in to the cashless society

One of staff at a tollgate on the highway got Covid-19 recently in Thailand.  This case is really sad story but, this case able to teach us the possibility to effect the Covid-19 by payment through cash or coin.

Nowadays, we can see the cashless society is really close to you.  This is two side of the same coin. One side is to be convenient, fast and easy.  Of course it may less chance to get Covid-19 as well.  Other side is cashless society able to make employment decreases because of technology can replace the human in some cases as you know.

However, We are living in the world with Covid-19 now. so let’s think about our safety first.


PTT introduces a new payment technique via SPEED PAY STATION enabling faster and safer payment


This is amazing news for me and many drivers at Thailand. I saw the some of employee at the gas station did not wear the mask sometime.  It was make me so afraid about the safety of myself and my family.


In conclusion, please don’t forget to wear the mask and wash your hands all the time !

Be safe Be healthy ! 


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