Healthy Office Snacks

4 Healthy Office Snacks

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What should I eat in the office time? This is what I thinking everyday because of snack can help me have an energy and make me enjoy working more but, In the other hand my problem is I used to eat snacks too much and it might be make me fat and giant weights.

According to Diet bet at my office on this end of the March 2021, I did research on the internet about what is the healthy office snacks that I should eat during workday in the office and I found the 4 healthy snacks.

Today, I proud to introduce these healthy office snacks to you all for your health and happy snacks life.

1. Seaweed Calories: 35-60 Kcal 

Seaweed contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, so it is good to eat in workday, high in fiber, which is great for promoting satiety, reducing bloating and easing digestion and they’re crispy like potato chips.

2. Mix Nuts Calories: 100 Kcal/ 100 gram

Nuts are a very popular healthy office snacks. I eat almost every day and make me not hungry in the afternoon. It is good for health, loaded With Antioxidants and weight benefits.

3. Dark chocolate Calories: 56 Kcal

Dark chocolate have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants. Lowering the risk for heart disease, stroke and vitamin & minerals.

4. Fruit Calories: 60-100 Kcal

My favorite fruit is apple, strawberry, guava, and java apple.  Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber.

These are the 4 Healthy Office Snacks that I like and can eat in a workday but it should be consumed in appropriate quantities. One more thing I did the exercise after finish work because I need to burn out of my calories and be healthy. Hopefully I can be the first place at Diet bet of The Company Bangkok 2021 !!

If you have any idea let’s share with us!! Thank you.



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