4 Common summer diseases

4 Common summer diseases

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Do you know about summer diseases in Thailand? Summer in Thailand is extremely hot, and people need seriously contend with diseases that are strongly associated with sensitivity to the weather. Also, as we all know about hot sun facilitates the growth of some bacteria, especially those that cause digestive problems. Let’s take a look at four common summer diseases.

4 common summer diseases.

1. Acute Diarrhea

Acute diarrhea is a common summer diseases because hot weather easily spoiled food and drinks and causes bacteria.  You will have three or more watery stools each day, be tired, have abdominal cramps or pain, possibly vomit, and also have a fever. As a result, you should do the following:

  • Drink only clean water.
  • Always wash your hands before eating and after using the restroom.
  • Keep all equipment and utensils clean.
  • Avoid consuming food that has been cooked for an extended period of time without being properly stored.

2. Food Poisoning

It has happened to me many times in my life, but it is not dangerous and will resolve itself within two days for my case. The main cause is eating bacteria-contaminated food or water, especially raw cooked food. It will make you have upset stomach, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and may have fever. so you must cook foods to a safe temperature, wash your hands, utensils and food surfaces often.

3. Heat Stroke

This disease is popular in the summer and is caused by being in the midst of excessively hot weather, which causes the body to have a higher than usual temperature. When symptoms appear, they should be addressed as soon as possible because heat stroke can cause death. As a result, you should drink enough of water and avoid staying in hot places for an extended period of time and wear light-colored clothing that is lightweight, not too heavy, and has high heat dissipation qualities.

4. Rabies

There is a higher danger of rabies in hot weather than in any other season. Rabies is a deadly but preventable viral illness. It is spread when an infected animal bites or scratches a human or other animals. These symptoms are followed by one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, fear of water, an inability to move parts of the body, confusion, and loss of consciousness.

You may safeguard yourself by

  • Vaccinate your pet for rabies.
  • Supervising pets
  • Not touching wild animals or stray animals
  • Rabies vaccine injection

These are four common summer diseases that we’d like to share with you, however there are so many more summer diseases related to digestive problems. So, you must take care of your food and drink and not spending long periods of time in the blistering sun. We hope you are well and do not forget to use a face mask when going out, social distancing, and using alcohol gel to protect yourself from Covid-19.

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