Types of massage

8 Types of massage in Thailand

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Thai massage is one of the option for maintaining our health. There are many different styles and types of massage, and there are many benefits for the body, skin, beauty and your mind. Whether you find yourself in Thailand as a traveler or an expatriate, one thing you must do before you leave this country is get a massage. Massages are extremely easy to come by in Thailand and come in all types of massage. Here are many options about 8 types of massage when you looking to get a massage in Thailand.

Types of massage

1.Oil Massage

A types of massage using oil. This oil is made up of both base and essential oils. The oil has been extracted and have a natural smell. It helps you relax, reduce stresses, refresh by fragrance, alleviate insomnia symptoms. Skin nourishment and slimming are also included.

2.Relaxing Massage

This type is a traditional Thai massage and makes it very relaxing. For nourish body and state of mind. This is a sort of massage that stimulates the body’s numerous systems such as the circulatory system, muscle relaxant and numerous joints.

3.Foot Massage

The soles of the feet are massage to maintain the body balance. The circulatory system does an excellent job of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Aids in the removal of different toxins from damaged cells.

4.Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue mobilization. A sports massage helping people who have physically demanding lifestyles or hobbies. Sports massage involves a wide range of techniques that include effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking and trigger pointing.

5. Osteopathic Massage

Osteopathy is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. Osteopaths use physical manipulation, stretching and massage with the aim of increasing the mobility of joints. relieving muscle tension.

6.Fat Burning Massage

Weight loss massage is a strong massage that combines different massage techniques, special products and tools. The heat generated by the movements slowly breaks down the adipose tissue and remove excess fat. Followed by a lymphatic drainage, at the end of each session.

7.Herbal Compress Massage

Herbal compress massage, which originated in Thailand, is the type of alternative therapy treatment which is applied on your soft tissues to help you to relieve the stress, improve your sleep, improve general well-being, promotes blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to remove the waste products from your body and manage pain including lower back pain and neck and shoulder pains and aches.

8. Stress Relief Massage

It activates the body on an internal level by decreasing the level of stress hormone and increasing immune cells. Swedish Massage also relaxes muscles and increases circulation what all together results in a reduction of stress-related pains.

I believe Thai massages come in a variety of techniques that are good to try. It can improve your skin and help you relax. Thai massage is my favorite because it is powerful and helps me to relax while also reducing the severity of my headaches, reducing lower back and joint discomfort, and increasing my flexibility. I always go to the massage shop 1-2 times every month. Which types of massage do you prefer? Please share your thoughts with us.

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