Winter Illnesses

3 Common Winter Illnesses in Thailand

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Winter has already started in Thailand. The low temperature may the body to react, increasing the risk of being sick. As a result, we must take care of ourselves, keep our bodies warm, and be careful with 3 Common Winter Illnesses.

1. Respiratory illnesses and diseases 

Cold and flu. Infection with a range of viruses that can be transferred by coughing, sneezing, or touching infected objects. There are common winter illnesses. And in this circumstance, you must be cautious about Covid-19, so wear a facial mark, use alcohol gel, and maintain social distance.

2. Gastrointestinal Diseases

Pathogens are present in diarrhea induced by consuming contaminated food or drinking polluted water. There will be 3 or more diarrheas’ in one day, which may be accompanied by fever or vomiting. It may be avoided by maintaining good hygiene Drink clean water and eating clean, well-cooked meals.

3. Other significant communicable illnesses

Caused by breathing in virus-infected airborne droplets from coughing. the patient’s sneeze or close-up conversation If you get sick, your symptoms will be comparable to a typical cold. However, you will have a high temperature, red and watery eyes, and a blistering red rash.

These are the three most common winter illnesses in Thailand. According to my experience, when the winter season begins, my body reacts quickly and I am likely to have a cold, so I adjust my routine and go to exercise, drink water, and dress warmly. Take care of yourself and enjoy winter season. Thank you.

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