What benefits do we get from our hobbies?

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Everyone has a favorite hobby like to do in free time. Which is cooking, painting, reading, playing games, exercising, traveling and etc. we can enjoy these kind of hobbies after work or mostly druing in the weekend.

There is no right or wrong. ฺBecause that is what we are enjoy, but do you realize that our favorite hobbies provides us with more than just entertainment?

Allowing us to meet new people

Our favorite hobbies are always populated by people who share our interests, and it is this passion that frequently brings together like-minded individuals. We spoke and swapped experiences, which allowed us to get to know one other better and make new friends.

Improve your skills and knowledge

Any work needs the application of a specific skill in order to be completed. As a result, when we work, we are exercising skills in ourselves. And, of course, we will be able to learn new things and expand our knowledge.

Generate more revenue

Many people may make their hobbies into a source of money. For example, Someone who enjoys travelling can make money as a blogger. Restaurant evaluations are a source of income for foodies. Or perhaps you enjoy volunteering to assist others and earning more than a full-time salary. That it’s not so awful if we can do what we want and get something in return.

For admin, I’m the one who likes music. And my favorite hobby is playing the piano. I feel at ease when I play the piano. In addition, practice skills. It’s a lot of fun when I teach other people how to play the piano.

Please share your hobby with us !


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