Japanese Table Manners

 A Guide to Japanese Table Manners

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Table manners vary greatly from place to country, including Japan, but they are common. Today, the admins will introduce everyone the basics of Japanese table manners.

Japanese table manners are as follows.

1. Say ‘Itadakimasu’

In Japan, saying “Itadakimasu” before a meal is considered polite. as a way of saying thanks for the food

2. Hold your bowl

It must be eaten soup straight out of the bowl and should eat loudly for signal that the soup is wonderful.

3.How to correctly eat sushi

Sushi can be eaten either with your hands or chopsticks. To avoid eating leftover sauce, pour the shoyu onto a plate because it not good manner if leftover sauce.

4. use chopsticks to eat all kinds of food

To eating all kinds of food, use chopsticks. Because most Japanese food is simple to consume with chopsticks, only the tip will be used.

5. Slurping your noodles

If you eat noodles, It must Slurping your noodles because the Japanese think that doing so enhances the flavor of your meal.

6.No tipping

If you eat at a restaurant, you don’t should tip because the Japanese consider it impolite.

These are Japanese Table Manners. Some of the table manners may surprise you when you compare them to your own country’s table manners It’s also not all that unusual because every country has a unique culture.

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