30 mins of Walk-Run

4 Benefits of 30 mins of Walk-Run Per Day

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In the present situation, people are taking charge of their health more than ever before. Mostly start from a walk and run because it is the easy way and you can do it everywhere. You just walk-run just 30 mins per day, it makes you have good health. Today we want to share the benefits of 30 mins of walk-run per day.

Improve your lung health 

When walking, your breathing rate will increase. This allows oxygen to pass through the bloodstream faster, increases lung capacity, enabling to inhale and exhale larger volumes of air on an ongoing basis.

Heart health 

Just 30 mins of walk-run per day helps prevent blood clots in the arteries and blood vessels. It also supports healthy blood flow, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Reduce risk of alzheimer’s disease

If you walk or run more then 1 km it can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent so if we walk every day 30 mins it around 2-5 k.m.

Lose weight

When you walking and running it will burn your calories so it can help you lose weight and may help suppress appetite. From my experience walk-run with control food in one week I can lost weight 1 kg.

For me, I walk every day 1 hours around 5-6 km. at my condo after finish work. I feel less tired and more alert during the day, lost weight, good for my heart, and increases lung capacity, enabling me to inhale and exhale larger volumes of air on an ongoing basis. Just 30 mins of walk-run per day. You can do it for your health today. Let’s walk-run together!!


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