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9 steps to planning the perfect wedding

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The wedding is a date of the most important event for your life. We believe everyone need the perfect wedding , If you don’t know how to start it. Today we will give you the checklist and 9 steps to planning the perfect wedding. Let’s see together…

1.Determine dates

First of all, you need to find the auspicious date for wedding date. It should not be too rushed. Must have the time to prepare at least 30 days. Auspicious days are a good starting point for deciding how to live together. Therefore, choosing a suitable and auspicious day will have a positive effect and perfect wedding plan on the spouse.

2.Create theme

The theme is also important to organize your wedding and your guests will know that what color of the dress they should wear for suit with the wedding. And the theme can show identity of bride and groom. Besides, you should make a budget for create perfect wedding plan by you dream.

3.Book your venue

After you determined date and made a budget already, you must book the venue to organizing the wedding as soon as possible. Nowadays, there are many different wedding venues to choose from. Whether it is an ancient Thai house Applied Thai house, hotels, associations, museums, resorts, which in this section will have staff to service and maintain order within the event.

4. Create perfect wedding ceremony and choose party style

There are many types of wedding ceremonies such as Thai style, Chinese style, Christian style or Muslim style. After you created it you should be arranged the party style also considers the number of guests to be invited to the event, such as a Chinese-style banquet, cocktails, buffets, etc. At this stage, you should determine the stage of your wedding to be launched. And do not forget to find a marriage officiant for your wedding.

5. Prepare a list of guests and distribute invitation cards.

The next step for perfect wedding is to list the invited guests to the event by a summary of the guest names from both the groom and the bride. When finished listing the guest, print the invitation card. And give the cards to them by yourself to begin with invite respected adults first. Then follow with friends.

6.Prepare the bride and groom’s dress and wedding ring

Currently, there are many wedding shops for the bride and groom’s dress. If you don’t want to make a new dress and pay expensive money, you can find a dress for rent at various wedding shops. By the way choosing a wedding dress three.  Months in advance of the event date is considered the right time. It’s not too soon and not too late. There is time for the newlyweds to decide and find a good shop at a reasonable price for yourselves.

7.Pre-wedding photoshoot and presentation

After preparing for other parts of the perfect wedding. The next step is to research the pre-wedding photo shoot. In which the bride and groom can walk into the studio to buy a photography package or choose a freelance photographer as well, and in the presentation can prepare to continue. The presentation section, there will be many formats to choose from, such as cartoons, sitting interviews, filming with a screenplay telling the history of both sides.

8.Find a photographer and make-up artist

The auspicious day of the wedding. It’s often the same date with other couples. So booking a makeup artist and photographer on the day of the event is also important. Because the photographer that we are interested in the work may have already booked by another married couple. It is necessary to reserve in the plan.

9.Prepare wedding souvenirs   

As for wedding souvenirs, it depends on the budget of each couple. At present, there are many cute gifts at various prices, including gifts that have a good meaning for the bride and groom to choose from.

If you don’t have any ideas to plan the wedding, you can prepare step by step by this checklist. And if you have other plans you can share with us. We hope you have a perfect wedding and have a great time in your life!

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