Erawan Museum

Erawan museum

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Erawan Museum (three-headed elephants) in Samut Prakan, pachyderm inspired by the thoughts and imagination of an ancient owner is a terrific repository of antiquity.

During covid situation, the entry fee was 250 baht per person (Foreigner price 400 baht, if you have work permit 250 baht) and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 such as cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces every hour in common areas. It is easily reached by Skytrain at the Chang Erawan station or directs by taxi.

The inside of the Erawan museum is modelled after the Hindu representation of the universe, which consists of the underworld (1st floor), earth (2nd floor) and Heaven (top floor). The lower two floors are located inside the pedestal while the top floor is located in the belly of the elephant.

According to the Hindu belief, Erawan is a huge white elephant, originally he has 33 heads (often represented with only 3 for artistic reasons) and is used by Indra as a vehicle.

Outside the museum is surrounded by a garden of plants that appear in the literature and places of worship.  Here you can pray, make a wish and relax in the garden.

According to sacred place, please avoid a short pant and sleeveless to enter the main hall. However, there is scarf/sarong available for tourist who needs to cover their leg.

I think the Erawan museum is marvels of architecture worth to visit, snap some photos but no photography allowed of the pottery history tour. On the top level is my favorite, it is a great place to meditate and feel like heaven.

If you have a chance to visit Erawan Museum, please share your experience to us.

Please take care of yourself, wash your hand, use alcohol gel, wear a face mask and social distancing.


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