4 ways to prevent Office Syndrome

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Some office workers get backaches, headaches, shoulder pain, or eyestrain, which are all symptoms of “Office Syndrome.” There could be a variety of reasons, such as sitting or using a computer for long time without taking time to relax. If you do not heal, it can be harmful to your health. Today I’d like to provide five ways to avoid Office Syndrome. Let’s get started!!

1. Do not sitting for long time

Every hour, get out of your chair to use the restroom, wash your face, hands, drink water, or alter your working posture. You may move your computer to stand on a high table to stretch your legs.

2. Do not using a computer for long time

Sitting at the computer for a longer duration will result in back pain, headache, and eye pain, therefore you should take a break or perform some exercise.

3. Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to help people with Office Syndrome rehabilitate. Sports that help increase stretching and flexibility, like as yoga, swimming, and cycling can help reduce muscular spasms. It also protects muscles and joints. help the body improve immunity and calm the mind.

4. Adaptive of workplace

Adjustable tables and chairs should be used. Lighting in the room should be adequate. Neither too bright nor too dark it will also aid to maintain the eyes. Importantly, direct sunshine or light from outside the room should be avoided in the office.

I work in an office and have to use a computer the most of the day, but I am lucky in that my position enables me to walk and talk with clients on often. However, if I am sitting for an extended period of time, I will plan activities to use the toilet and rest my eyes on a regular basis. If you have office syndrome, it is treatable. This requires a change in behavior both at home and at work, as well as consultation with a doctor.

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