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Have you ever felt pressured, sad, or really uncomfortable when you’re with someone, as if you’re being squeezed, oppressed, or taken advantage of all the time? Even if we done nothing wrong and why this things happening to us? If you are dealing with this things by yourself, the symptoms might be caused by a toxic people.

According to Psychology, toxic persons are described as a person whose behavior is toxic to those around him. As a result of people that had suffered profound injuries in his life and for whatever reason they still can’t deal with the pain. A feeling of longing for someone to understand and problems in life.


Positive thinking and don’t overthink it, words are like a deadly weapon. So don’t get caught up in the words of Toxic People splashing out of their mouths like bullets. If you start to feel uncomfortable or oppressed by toxic people. It is recommended that we should talk directly to each other for a reason.

If we agree every time, no matter what, these people will always have your heart and take advantage of you.

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From my experience, I’ve met many people with issues and toxic personality, so I’ve thought a lot about why this is happening to me. But I can’t stop them, so I suddenly adjust my mindset to think “Let it go and don’t think too much because it will damage my head and waste my time” then I try to think positive and make it simple. If it becomes too much for me, I will discuss it with my boss.

Finally, dealing with Toxic People is not easy. Even trying to understand It must use enough body energy it makes us stress. and may result in a risk of developing these diseases to the body so avoid to get close with the people like this.

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