yoga poses for office workers.

3 Yoga poses for office workers who sits all day

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Sitting for long hours when you’re working in front of your computer is absolutely inevitable , it can create aches and pains in the body and agitation or stagnation in the mind. Break up a sedentary workday with mindful movements and breath aware ness. So you mush try yoga poses for office workers to relieves the damage of your desk job.

3 Yoga poses for office workers

1. Bound Angle Pose

baddha konasana

This yoga pose works wonders on the leg muscles. The hamstring and the calf muscles tone well enough to make the legs strong and flexible. I like to do this yoga it help me for back pain.

2. Malasana

It relieves backaches and is extremely beneficial for women who suffer severe back pain. This pose, if done correctly, is a relaxation pose. It helps in flexibility, stretches the ankles, groins and back torso. It also helps in constipation and tones the belly.

3. Gomukhasana Arms

This yoga removes stiffness and pain in the hip joints and lower extremities. The position of the arms stretch the shoulders, armpits, triceps and chest, therefore relieving stiff shoulders and neck, while at the same time strengthening the back muscles and toning the arms. It also relieves sciatica by relaxing the piriformis muscles.

After a long day at work, I will turn on Netflix or listen the music while doing yoga at the same time. We hope you feeling energized and restored after trying this yoga poses for office workers.

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