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7 Things you should prepare for your first cat

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If you are one of cat slave club and want to adopt a cat but you do not know how to start. Today we have seven things you should prepare for your first cat. It will help you to have good time, good equipment and good prepare for your first cat.

1. Cat litter box

It’s important to keep your cat from making a mess. You should always replace cat sand and scoop cat poop out. If you have more than 1 cat, you should separate the cat litter box. Because cats are love to have a private space.

2. Bowl for food and water

Choose suitable size, clean, non-residue. If you have many cats, separate food bowl to prevent them fight.

3. Cat Food

Should choose food that the cat likes and making healthy. Because cat food has many kinds. Both pellet food which can be easily stored, easy to carry, food in vacuum sachets may be given as 1 meal per 1 sachet, or fresh food can be given.

4. Cat Backpack

Cat backpack is very necessary. Because you may have reasons to move cats to outside, for example to vaccinate or travel. Backpack style depending on your preference, but the size must be appropriate for the cat grows up.

5. Toy and cat scratcher

Toys will make your cat feel relax and exercise. (A cat scratcher that can be bought in the pet shop) If there is, it will make the furniture in your house safe as well.

6. Collars and name tags

Don’t think it is unnecessary. Because this can tell that your cat has an owner. If the cat disappears, someone who meet your cat can contact you from your name and contact number on the name tag. Besides, the collar should be a safety collar to prevent injury to your cat.

7. Love

This is the most important. Kittens need your love and attention as well. Because the cat is a loving person but doesn’t show it. Even though they like to ignore you, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. So if you have time, do not forget to play with them so that they are not feel lonely. And show a lot of love with them, slaves’ cat.

All in all, nothing will help you care for your cat better than paying attention to her behavior and needs. Make sure her new home is comfortable and many years of perfect happiness will be awaiting both of you!


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