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Rail Transport In Bangkok

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We have many public transportations to choose in Bangkok: Bus, Rail system, Taxi, Van and Boat but If you want to travel around the centre in Bangkok we recommend you use rail transport service.

Bangkok is currently served by three rapid transit systems: the elevated BTS Skytrain, the underground and elevated MRT and the elevated Airport Rail Link. Rail transport is the most convenient way in the city, avoids heavy Bangkok traffic, has more than 100 stations, and pays around 15-54 THB.

1.BTS (Bangkok Transit System)

The BTS has stopped nearly everywhere, where usually tourists are going, have sixty-two stations, and view the city. Trains run constantly comes along every few minutes and (generally) on time. Fares are pretty cheap, many shops in the station but don’t have a toilet.

2.MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit)

MRT is the one I use often because near my place, have fifty-three stations, it goes underground and some station have a metro mall. Metro Mall has many facilities, including wifi, toilet, sitting Areas, battery charging points and security staff.

3.ARL (Airport Rail Link)

ARL have eight stations from Suvarnabhumi to Phayathai, services departing every 10–13 minutes. A comfortable, clean, and rapid way to get to the airport without paying an elevated price for the taxi.

By Zeddlex – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=85465153

In my opinion, I think rail Transport In Bangkok is the best because of the comfortable system, easy way to buy a ticket but if changing to different rail networks you have to buy a new ticket. I hope in the future BTS, MRT, and Airport rail link can be a common ticket.

During Covid-19 situation, all people who use rail transport services are required to wear a face mask and check body temperature measured before entering the system as well.

Of course we are not only take care own self, we have to think about your neighbor and your family too.

The Company Bangkok always clean up the common space and prepare the clean gel at many spots. Please feel free to come and visit us !

Be safe always !!


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