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Do you afraid to fall in love?

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If you always disappointed in love or pain from love until afraid to fall in love with someone anymore and don’t need to start a new relationship. Please try to read this article.

Philophobia is 1 of the mental disorder. It is unreasonable afraid to fall in love and fear of starting a relationship with new one. It’s like a social anxiety disorder. The almost patient is lady. Nowadays, there is no treatment clearly, but talking to psychiatrist is a way to treatment to some extent for this disease.

The main cause of disease result from mental state. There are many factors such as, lack of warmth, fear of rejection, fear of commitment or the mistake of love from the past that severely traumatic. It makes you hurt, haunt or be a trauma and then build the wall to protect yourself from disappointment and sadness.

The most of patient is woman because the woman is sensitive more than the man. Philophobia is more common in who is high risk for depression. Due to happen from mental state and concerned with brittle mind. Even no affect to body, don’t treatment the mental state to be better maybe it lead to suicide.

We think mental rehabilitation in a talking to psychiatrist, it can heal not too much. If you need to completely cure you must be strong and admit the fact that has happened to move forward.

We also have disappointed in love and but do not  afraid to fall in love again. We believe you all will meet the wonderful love that wait you in the future. For someone who are fear of love, try to open your heart and do not afraid to fall in love . Even you be heartbroken again, try to focus only good memories. Please don’t keep the bad memories to bring you down. When you meet the great love, you will get a special felling as like you receive a gift from God.

Finally, we want to let you know that love is the fantastic thing. We don’t want you to afraid to fall in love. Even you met the terrible experience of love before, it doesn’t mean you never seen the good love in the future. Maybe you feel bad with the last relationship, but it is just a part of your life. This too shall pass.

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