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Rather than always using speech, people can show their love by something just a simple gift.

In my opinion, the most simple and representative gift to show how you feeling to someone is “Flowers” Have you ever heard about the Language of flower? Every flower has its own meaning to tell how you feeling to someone. For example, my most favorite flower is “Roses”. Some people thinking that Roses are the only symbol of love, but as you know love is various ways to show and Roses are also various meanings to show. Today, I want to share and show you the meaning of each rose.


The meaning of red rose represents “I love you.” Love and desire passionate, respectful, courageous, and beautiful. The flowers of Cupid, Cupid, and Eros are lucky to bring love to the man or woman who received it.


The meaning of pink rose: this lovely looking It represents a sweet romantic love that represents a sweet love that is about to blossom more and more. same as this word “I will love and take care of you forever. “Also used in place of thank you in return for kindness and good hope light pink roses giving a feeling of polite gentle, used to represent feelings of appreciation, empathy, or encouragement to one another.


The meaning of a yellow rose: expresses a bright, lively, warm feeling, and full of happiness. represents a good friendship. Roses of this color are often given to close friends. In congratulation or used to visit sick people to encourage but for the love of that young person getting a rose in this color might mean that he really wants to be a friend.


The meaning of white rose: conveys sincere and pure love. If you get a rose from this color from someone It replaces his mind that This love has no hidden malicious intent. Not expecting any return as a symbol of “true love,” white roses are often seen as a key ingredient in weddings. With its profound meaning Roses of this color are also popularly given to people who are respected such as parents, relatives, elders, teachers, masters, etc.


The meaning of a Lavender rose: This color rose in the house we may not see each other much. But the meaning is very impressive is a symbol of elegance, charm, and love immediately, like Love at first sight! It’s true love at first sight, It can also be used to show authority, success in your career.

We like to use a white rose to decorate our office. It feels like purity and makes a beautiful office. I receive a red rose on a special day and it shows how romantic love he gives to me.


What is your favorite rose and what color of rose that you want to get?

Please share your opinion with us.

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