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Summer in Japan generally starts from mid-June to August. The hottest month is August. Average temperature in Summer season is about 32 degrees Celsius and may reach 36 degrees Celsius. Summer in Japan is one of the most fun and lively times of the year. Because there are many activities to choose that will make you enjoy the Summer season until you forget the hot weather.

Summer Fireworks viewing events in Japan (Hanabi Taikai fireworks display )

This festival reflects the beauty of the fireworks as an immensely popular part of Japanese culture, Hanabi has been popular since the Edo period and it has become a symbol of summer in Japan. Many people who coming to Japan in the summer, most of them are love to come to see the Fireworks every year.  Japanese people will dress in Yukata and come out to see the fireworks.

See the flowers!

Nowadays, when the people want to see the beautiful flower’s garden in Japan, we can visit to see at Lake Kawaguchiko in Gunma and the best place to see the flower’s garden is in Hokkaido. Because there are both Biei and various farms Different contests to grow beautiful flowers Let us see each other and Kyushu has beautiful flower fields. Many fields to see as well whether Lavender, Ayame (Iris), Kakitsubata (Iris laevigata), Hanashobu (Japanese Iris), Ajisai (Hydrangea), Yuri (Lily).

Outdoor activities

Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor activities! Try to find the ideal activity to do during the summer in Japan such as boating, picnics, barbecuing in front of the house in the garden or going camping outside.

And also has a long tradition that should not be missed that will make you enjoy in the summer. Such as Chagu Chagu Umakko festival, Tanabata Festival, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Festival, Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri festival and etc.

Japanese festivities reveal the thoughts of the Japanese people. The festival’s origins relate to prehistoric stories that are reminiscent of long-held values ​​such as the O-Bon Festival. In the summer, people will go to visit their hometowns and pay respect to their ancestors. If I have a chance, I will join the festival in Japan expecially Hanabi Taikai festival with my friend because I can wear yukata and eat watermelon together. What is your summer in Japan? Let’s share with us!


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