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If you eating together as a team you will enjoy to work more same like this word “Eat together, Success together”

Why eat together? Eating together makes employees more engaged, committed to the team, productive, outright happier and learning each other. This is great way to bring your team closer together, great networking opportunity and can break down walls and barriers in the workplace.

For our company, we went dinner together at korean bbq and we enjoy a lot. It help us to foster social bonds and friendships in the office. What’s more, we have company events lunch party with colleagues and customers in workplace. It is build nextworking and connection with customer.

So eating together as a team it is easy and productive. I’am happy , motivation and feel like I’m a part of the corporate machine. And you? Which working atmosphere would you prefer to have in your company. let’s share with us or join with us The Company Bangkok.

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