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“Retail Therapy” reason to relief from stress might not be helpful as you thought

A lot of people say money can not buy you happiness, well in this case they might be wrong. Sometimes it helps even just a little with “Retail Therapy” or “Shopping Therapy”

Everybody gets some good day also; they would get a bad day in some occasion. It may start with complaint from customer, appointment cancelled, etc. Each people have difference way to deal with stress and bad day some exercise, some watching movie, some listen to music, but for some group of people Shopping is their way.

Talking about “Shopping Therapy” we definitely get a picture of women carry ton of bags on both hands in our mind that’s because women are likely use this method to escape from their stressful day and one-third of the population of the world are using this spectacular way. Now it sounds like what an efficient formula to relief from stress right?



Not only shopping helps drive the economy, but guess what? It’s actually helps fulfil happiness during your hard day.

Don’t get lost and think this is silly. Allowed me to explain, some people doing meditation or take pills would help but is it make you feel better than holding a brand-new collection of Luis Vuitton bag? If your answer is YES then why? It is because when you own something you will automatically feel like you have POWER to control things (at least control the thing on your hand), that is why you feel better. From being controlled by to have power to control, it is obvious that you must feel better about it.


With technology nowadays shopping does not need you to go Brick and Mortar anymore. Now you can just turn on your phone make sure your internet work and a nice comfy couch and you are ready to go shopping (online). Since it is easier and easier the moment you will get yourself back together is when boxes and bills are knocking at your door.


For me when serious or stressed I will go to The mall Bangkapi, Central eastville and etc, then watched movie at cinema after that I will go to eat spicy food and shopping some clothes, cosmetic and snack. It helps me to relax and forget bad thing. So, some time we need to do something for relief our stress.

Finally, make sure that you are not spending too much, be aware of what you paid at all time. It is good to give some rewards to yourself. Just one thing I want to remind you before spending on some expensive stuff, please look at your wallet and amount in your bank.


Those number will decide whether you should buy it or not. Please use the money in a planned way.


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