books made into TV series

4 books made into TV series

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It has many books made into TV series, for example, The Ugly Duckling, which was converted into a television series by GMM TV being published by Jamsai Publishing. Therefore, I’d like to share books made into TV series that I enjoy previously read and seen on television.

The Ugly Duckling is a books made into TV series and on-air in May 2015  based on the theme of the ‘Ugly Duckling.’ The stories concerning the regular girl who isn’t as beautiful as the ugly girl. Covering those with a peculiar personality that is difficult to comprehend. The series of novels has been adapted into a YA novel, and the protagonist is far from being a beautiful, wealthy, and ideal girl.

1.Perfect Match


After the girl friends to urge perfect girl, Junoir to did fine tread lifting but it happened the mistake until made her disfigured. Junoir decided move to province to treat her face. She met a charming peer mentor, Sue who always protect and help her to solve the problems until she fell in love with him.

2.Pity Girl


The story about forgetful girl, Alice who get up with forgetting everything in yesterday. Diary and post it be like 1 part of her body. Until she met Aston, a boy volunteered to be a post it to remind her remember. Nobody knows the truly reason why he does like that.



Maewnam, the girl who considers herself to be so unattractive that she has avoided leaving the home for many years. She attended home school and does not have any friends. Finally, her parents compel her to attend university, so she does, however, always wear a box when she out from home.

4.Boy’s Paradise


Mami’s mother sent 3 nice boys to Mami’s house to live with her, because her mother requires that she commit to someone. However, she is primarily interested in Namsom, a close friend who has already left her home. After that, everyone realizes that Mami’s love for this friend is something wrong.

Not only have 4 books made into TV series , but there are also 10 novels on this project. GMM TV only produced 4 stories. I hope you are enjoy with books made into TV series. If you want to read more stories, you can purchase the novel from Jamsai shop or department store bookshop.

Credit TV series : GMM TV

Credit books : Jamsai Publishing

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