definition of flower

Definition of Flower

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Everything on the world have meaning, including FLOWERS. Flowers is not only gift to give someone, but you also can use them to instead of your feeling. If you love someone and you dare not tell her/him, you can give her/him a flower that match with your feeling. Today we have a definition of flower that has a wonderful meaning and I believe it is likely to offer to someone.

Definition of flower 

1. Peony

Peony, flower of luck and perfect love life. Besides, it means “I fell in love with you before we met”. It’s a love that happens despite the fact we have never met before.


Gypsophila, flower of first love. It means “You’re my first love” or “I saw you first time, I fell in love with you.” Many people can’t forget first love until now, like a gypsophila. Although it is a dried flower, it is so beautiful and memorable.

3.Cutter Aster

Cutter Aster, flower of to secret love, also a good supporter to got other flowers back to more beautiful and outstanding. As want to say “It’s okay if you don’t look at me, however, I always beside you”


Sakura, flower of success and strong heart. When Sakura blooms, it leads you for happiness and hope. It encourages that “You can definitely do it” and “Keep fighting, you will definitely succeed”


Statice, flower of memory to give for someone who makes you feel good, your safe zone or who you will keep in your heart. Like you want to say “The feel for you, it lasts forever” cause of even though it dried, its shape is still the same.

After you know definition of flower, it is not hard to say love to someone anymore. I hope you choose a flower to give so well for your love that matches with your feeling and know more about definition of flower .See you next article.

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