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4 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

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According to research, attitude is more important than intelligence in determining success. Who had a Growth Mindset or ideals for growth, in particular. who think that if one is dedicated or determined enough, one can learn, develop, and improve on anything. These will better reward us for being smart and successful than someone who is good but does not strive to learn anything new.

People’s attitudes are often categorized into two categories: fixed mindset and growth mindset. A fixed mindset is a rejection to learn and develop and follow based on the same they beliefs. But we have a good more then that if we have growth mindset to learn new things, be ready to improve, and be open to new opportunities even though we do not have a high IQ or smart. Today I have four ways to develop a growth mindset.

1. Create a new goal for each goal that is completed

After achieving a goal, one should not stop creating new goals for learning and challenge ourselves. Nothing is impossible unless we attempt it. My partner likes to create a goal to challenge oneself to be healthy by learning yoga from the beginning level three days per week. He did not have a flexible body from the start. His body is now in better shape than before, and he has set a new goal to learn more about asanas and practice them at a higher level.

2. Always learning

Learning is an ongoing process. whether it’s a small thing We can always learn new things. At The Company Bangkok, we have a online workshop every week with our team to learn and strengthen our skills so that we may use them more effectively in our job. In my opinion, I feel like I learned more from workshops because I was able to listen to other people, enjoy myself with the team, improve my skills, and become closer to the team.

3. See problems as opportunities.

Seeing problems as opportunities means that we are willing to learn with them in opportunity to grow and develop. Look at it positively, we will be stressed down and find more solutions faster.

4. Asking for feedback and listen to other people’s opinion.

It is difficult to listen to feedback and may be worry if the feedback is negative, but it is useful to realize so that you can develop yourself and attempt to listen to other people’s opinions. I do not really think it’s bad to get feedback or take a different view; you can learn from them and look at other people’s points of view, so don’t think too much and think positively. I believe it will develop in you a growth mindset.

I believe that a growth mindset is one that prioritizes learning above failure, is willing to take chances, take on new challenges, and shifts the view that anybody can learn and develop with enough effort. Be patient and don’t give up easy. Always strive to better yourself. If you have an idea, please share it with us.

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