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4 Thing Japanese Beliefs

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 As belief is something that has been passed down through the ages and varies by nation, today the admin will  present some instances of Japanese beliefs to my followers.

1. Unlucky Number

Japanese people believe that the number four is unlucky because it sounds “Shi (し) ” like a “Shi (死)” which has the meaning of death.

2. KitKat make a test pass

Japanese people have the belief that eating KitKat before a test will ensure victory because the word “KitKat” comes from the Japanese words

“kitto” (which means “probably”) and “katsu,” ( which means “win.)

3. Teru-teru-bōzu

The next morning will be clear and cloudless if a rain doll (Teru-teru-bōzu) is hanging in front of the house or on the porch facing away.

4. Maneki Neko

In Japan, there is a belief that if a Maneki Neko raises its left hand, it means calling customers into the store, and if it is a Maneki Neko that raises its right hand, it means calling for money or gold.

All Japanese beliefs are peculiar, don’t you think? Whether you agree with them or not, respect other people’s beliefs, according to the admin, who believes that beliefs vary depending on the cultural climate in each country.

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