Phuang Malai – The Thai Flower Garland

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“Do not smell flower garland, otherwise your nose will be distorted” My grandmother always told me this sentence when I will give Phuang Malai or flower to others.

In Thailand olden people taught new generation that they cannot smell Thai flower garland and every flower if it will give to other as well as give to Buddhas image or to monks. It is stratagem because in Thailand the flowers that will give to others have to be newest.

Phuang Malai is a floral garland that is presented as a token of welcome, respect and good health to honoured guests, relatives and loved ones.  So, Phuang Malai is often used to pay homage to monks and sacred objects. Including paying respect to parents, relatives, and elders in various festivals.


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The steering wheel is put garlands of artificial flowers, foliage, flowers such as roses, Mon PUD Dahlia flowers Baan Phakakrong a glass flower stand flower, jasmine flowers trachelospermum jasminoides flowering amaranth flower Sweet Hand plant cockscomb dahlia bougainvillea into garlands.

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Making Phuang Malai is thought to have been officially introduced by King Rama V when he stated that fresh flower garlands were to be made for the fourth month ceremony by the king’s ‘chief concubine’. It was then expected that all females in the palace learn the skill of making Phuang Malai and as such the designs became more and more elaborate over time.

In Thailand making Phuang Malai is common for women all over the country to learn this skill. Not only do locals use these garlands as personal offerings but many make a living selling.

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For me, have the opportunity to see Phuang Malai while in my hometown. Relatives will go to collect flowers to make Phuang Malai. And I made Phuang Malai Which must be said that requires meticulousness and determination This helps to practice meditation well. Sometimes being pierced by a needle or sometimes its distortion Considered to be a fun experience But nowadays, most people will buy Phuang Malai because it is more convenient and faster. If you come to Thailand, you can see people sell Phuang Malai on the street. They sold it so cheap. Thai people usually put Phuang Malai in their car. And my family also put Phuang Malai too, my mom told me that Phuang Malai make people feel safe and it smell so good.





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