The best pizza in the Asoke area.

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Where is the best pizza in the Asoke area?

Asoke is the best connected area in all of Bangkok. Asoke connects to Sukhumvit Road on one side and to Phetchaburi road on the other. there is a large number of offices, coworking spaces, universities, and condominiums. 

According to Asoke is heart of Bangkok, there is many foreigners living in this area.  The one of the most popular food for them is Pizza. Today, I would like to introduce my favorite and my best pizza restaurant in the Asoke area.

 “The Real Pizza service

I found this restaurant very closed to BTS Asoke station opposite Terminal 21.

 pizza shop

The front of the restaurant is not that big so you need to get upstairs through the small staircase and finally you can get into a nice cozy restaurant with beautiful design. Their staffs are very nice and very friendly. They have a promotion discount of 20% now and if you like to drink alcohol, there have a promotion as buy 1 get 1 free. I saw they has special wine also.

❊this promotion is subject to change or terminate without notice.

The selling point of this restaurant is specialized in thin crispy pizza and it has up to 15 menus. Last time I ordered a 2 types of pizza which is vegetable special and Chicken special. My love and most recommend menu is this Chicken special, it is so delicious and I quarantine of its taste.

the best pizza

Vegetable special, on top of the pizza with a generous portion of fresh tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, and black olives.

Chicken special, on top of the pizza with bell peppers, pineapples, and fresh chilies.

Definitely, if you are looking for the best pizza in Asoke area I recommend this restaurant and you will love it for sure!!  Tell you something, I will be back here soon.

Have a nice day !

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