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“Quarantine” the word that now everybody knows and get familiar with. If there is no virus spread all over the world today, nobody would have thought or prepare themselves about it. Since it happened most people had a hard time staying at their home all day for 14 days, but for “Introvert” to be quarantine is simply the most comfortable event for them because to peacefully stay home all day is always what they have been asking for.

                How about an “Extrovert”? as we know there are more extroverts in the world than introverts and in this particular event everybody has to be quarantined, then how is an extrovert going to deal with it.  We can say “why not ask an introvert how to deal with it?” if you can listen to an introvert’s opinion and you feel comfortable doing it, then you might be an “Ambivert”

                So today I will give you some tips on what you can do to keep you busy and fun during self-isolated quarantine period.


1. Video Streaming

In the world that everything become more convenience and connected. Online content is the first activity to come to our mind if we have to stay home all day, catching up movies you missed on Netflix or Disney plus would be a great idea, right?



2. Blogging

For this activity some might found it very amusing while some might not. But is it a good time to start doing something new? You may be enjoyed writing blog more than you think!


3. Vlog, Youtuber

Alternative way for those who doesn’t like writing. How about vlogging? A lot of people have done this and really got good feedback. In Vlog you can simply say anything you like. For example in Korea Vlogger are doing “Mukbang” which means filming themselves eating tons of food while adding some jokes to enjoy the subscribers. You can do this for fun, but who knows you might make money from it too!


3. New Language

This is a perfect time to improve yourself. If you start get to bored of watching movies or listening to music. This could be the best idea for you to learn languages. You can simply find hundreds of online courses for free!


4. Finish your books

I believe that many of you have a book the you would take forever to finish. There may not be more perfect time than this.


5. Do what ever you want to do

Exactly! The last one is do whatever you always wanted to do. You may always want to be a singer now it is the time, or you wanted to be an artist then start do it. My last tip is easy and I know everyone can do it. Let’s start whatever you like to do for 14 days straight. Trust me stop question. Start ACTION!






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