Items Needed During Rainy Season

4 Items Needed During Rainy Season

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Most of Rainy season in Thailand runs from May to October. The rain can be sporadic and unpredictable so you need to be prepared important 4 Items Needed During Rainy Season.

Rainproof High Tube Shoe Cover

Rainproof High Tube Shoe Cover is good when you need to walk in the rain. Heavy downpours can sometimes cause flooding. It happened in our area too. I think it can protect you from disease by dirty flood water.

Waterproof phone case

A waterproof case is essential if you plan on keeping your smartphone protected at all times. Completely waterproof and dustproof. Easy to carry, touch, take a photo and call.


A raincoat is the best item needed during the rainy season. A raincoat or slicker is a waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. It has much design and often used as protection during rainy days. Same as umbrellas.


The umbrella is a basic item we must have because an umbrella can protect you from the sun or rain. The first thing to do when you buying an umbrella, please keep in mind about size and quality of the umbrella. The larger the size of the umbrella is better to protect you. Small one is easy to bring to any place but it can not protect from the strong rain and wing.

I think these all items needed during the rainy season because if you do not protect yourself from rain you will get sick and uncomfortable. Sometimes I need to wait until the rain stops and go back home because I do not have all these things so I decide to buy all the above items and keep it in the office and home. What is the items you need to be prepared for the rainy season? Let share your idea with us. Thanks


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