When you return to work after COVID-19

3 Tips When you return to work after COVID-19

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Nowadays, we have to living with Covid-19, even we afraid to infection with Covid-19 but we can’t just stay at home and do nothing. Nothing will happen unless you take an action. Government announced extend period for work from home again, but not for the compulsory order.

I have to travel to working place and meet new people but, I am always take care myself and I know what I should do. As a result, with increased COVID-19 infections, people should be careful. So, here are three tips to help inspire office workers to return to work after COVID-19 with a new normal life.

1. Carry alcohol gel, wash your hands, put on a mask, stay clean, and pay attention to your personal hygiene.

It protects you and your coworkers while also lowering the chance of infection.

2. Social distancing

According to the WHO, keeping at least one meter apart helps decrease the danger of the coronavirus spreading in the little liquid droplets that individuals shoot out when they cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets may contain the virus, and the WHO warns that “if you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets.”

3. Return home, shower, and put on a fresh clothing.

When you get home, wash your hands right away. It is advised that you shower and change clothing before coming into touch with close family members in the house. To avoid becoming sick if you have germs on your body or the clothes you’re wearing. If possible, wash right away, or use a separate washing basket.

Now that you’ve learned this healthcare secret when you return to work after  COVID-19 , it’s time to try to modify your behaviour in the workplace to ensure the health of yourself, colleagues, and family. After I get back, I always take a shower first. During the day, I always take care of myself, use alcohol gel, and maintain social distance.

I’m hopeful that everyone will be able to return to work after  COVID-19 safely and that everything will be well soon.


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