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Many of us might have heard this quote “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed” from William H. McRaven who went viral on the internet this past year before. Or a well-known Chinese proverb says. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Alright, then it sounds pretty easy right? But what’s next! A lot of people said nice quotes about how to start, somehow never tell us how, since I have been reading a lot of blogs lately to find new ideas to work on my blog. Then I came across this blog that I feel it is really the useful one, it talks about how can we be succeed taking small steps to BIG changes. Here is how I summarize it for you.

1. The Rule of 5

Why rule of 5? Can it be rule of 3 or 10? That was the question in my head when I read it for the first time. So, let’s me explain it to you really easily. The Rule of 5 is for you to set 5 goals each day. It doesn’t have to be BIG goals.
It can be a small goal such as I will drink 8 glasses of water every day or I will do 5 push-ups before I go to bed. This might seem to be silly, but these little things will slowly become your habits and the thing that you did will improve yourself.
However, try to set goals that can make you better at what you want to master. for example,
– if you want to improve at work then set goals like sign up for free training.
– something like writing a list of what you will ask in the next company meeting.
In conclusion, The Rule of 5 can be The Rule of 3 or 10 or 7 or 6 depends on how much you can do it. You may start from The Rule of 3 and successfully done them, then move to 5. The point that matters is YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

2. Link New Habits and Behaviors to Existing Actions

The second tip is to link your new habits to your routine actions. Sound complicated but easier to understand than you think. I have no idea how to explain this one to you so, take a look at some examples alright.
For example,
– if you want to start working out more, do five pushups after each time you go to the restroom. How many times do you usually go to the restroom each day? 5-10 right which means you follow this tip then you will do 25-50 push-ups every day!!
– Or instead of taking the bus to work, maybe you could ride a bike, or walk, or at least get off the bus a couple of stops early.
One of my habits is I will walk down 3 floors before I use an elevator. Start your habit and do it consistently these will help you toward your goals without you even noticed!

3. Track Your Progress

Yes, the last one is to track and review another 2 tips regularly, Maybe once or twice a week. When your journey involves taking a series of tiny steps over time, it might be easy to overlook the fact of what you’ve actually accomplished. Just remember the most important thing is to enjoy each of every goal you succeed, be happy about it cerebrates it and still keep doing it


Actually, this is not something new or anything. It is basic that everything started from the bottom, from the smallest step with the biggest decision “I am going to do it” so do not hesitate the faster you decide the faster you reach your goal. Thanks for keep reading till the end.



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