The Brain is a muscle that can move the world

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“The brain” is an organ that is very important in life. Regardless of any activity, the brain must be used to operate and every part of the body needs attention. Even the brain needs care as well. Exercise the brain is a way to increase memory, concentration and work in other areas the body will improve as well. Brain exercise is important for people of all ages. No matter how old you are, you can exercise your brain.

Today, The Company Bangkok has some cool and easy activities that anyone can do to exercise their brain.


  • Practice remembering numbers

Today’s technology has been developed to make life easier and more comfortable. Just pick up your mobile phone and be able to contact other people because we have already saved that phone number to our device. Therefore, we don’t need to memorize phone numbers or numbers anymore but remembering phone numbers or numbers is a good thing. That helps in developing memory skills Trying to remember phone numbers every day is another way to help exercise the brain.


  • Story telling

Telling someone a story that happened in the past May tell children. Another way to stimulate the brain. Because the brain has thought Story recording and broadcasting Allowing the brain to exercise These methods, in addition to having activities with children, also help the brain to work as well.


  • Practice observing the surroundings

No matter where you go Sitting in the park, watching TV, or sitting by the window and watching people pass by Observe various things around you by setting the rules yourself that What will we observe today? May start with simple things, such as observing the people wearing pink shirts that we see, counting on how many people wear pink shirts today Just this, the brain has exercised.


  • Change routes in new trips

Regardless of how you travel Whether walking, driving a car, riding a bicycle, or taking public transport Trying to change to a new route. When going home, going to work, or traveling, just changing the route in some new way will help the brain learn to remember direction, which is a stimulation of the brain. Is a memory training Practice skill in giving directions as well?


  • Change existing routines

Living in the same way that the brain is not used. Or rarely receiving stimulation Because of being used to things that have been done Doing the same things every day will cause the brain to not think of anything new. But changing daily activities such as waking up early, exercising in the morning before going to work, changing routes to work, trying new menus that have never been eaten Just that, the brain has helped stimulate the work of the brain.

For administrators like to forget the route and like to sleep during the traveling time. Now the administrator has learned to observe the path and not sleep on the way. Memorize each route one by one until now can remember the route better and try to change the route to home by public transport, boat, airport link and taxi

It can be seen that exercising the brain is easier than everyone thinks. Therefore, let’s keep practicing the brain. In order to keep our brains strong



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