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5 Tips Use Social Media Safely

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Hello everyone!! How are you doing? We are living in the world that can use social media easy and limitless. That is sound good but be careful about safety. There are tips to use social media safely you need to know.

Don’t share private life in social media so much.

Every day, we use social media to update news, share, search, shop online, and connect the friend and work. some time we share, like and post about private life, share out your home address or share your phone number that may create problems particularly against women.

Keep passwords strong and private.

Creating strong passwords is essential to prevent others from breaking into your account. I think we should not use birthday, name, surname or phone number to create a password and do not tell everybody about your password. I saw my friend Facebook was hacked. The hacker sent a message to many people and ask about money. It was very dangerous!! So try to use social media safely.

Becareful about spam content

Did you get the long messages on email or on your social media before? Yes, I saw some messages in my email like text “I got money from somewhere and please click the link to get money” – if you click it they will take your data and you got the virus for sure!

Think before post or comment.

Think carefully about what others may find offensive before you post something. Especially sensitive topics about your work, sexual, politics, religion or rude word. This is an important tip I suggest you use social media safely.

Don’t forget to log out of your account.

It happened with my friend she went to an internet shop and forget to log out and someone use her account then post a bad thing but good luck she uses mobile to log out every device and delete posts.

These are five tips use social media safely. I hope everyone knows how to use it and enjoy it with safe. If have any tips to share, you can share with us. Thank you.


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