Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

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We went to trip at Phi Phi Island in the last new year. Normally Phi Phi Island is high season on the New Year Season but during the covid-19 situation, most of shops were closed and few foreigner went there.

Of course we were pay close attention about social distance and wear the mask always. Actually, we were tried to cancelled the trip because of covid-19, but according to we paid full amount and it was Non-refundable so, finally we decided to go to trip.



We catch a speed boat to Phi Phi Islands from Phuket just 45 min.  We reached at the Island at noon time. Exploring the Islands by Long Tail Boat and visited Ton Sai Beach, Viking Cave. The famous is Maya Bay, there is been famous from the one of popular Hollywood movie. This place is very wonderful and absolutely a photographer’s delight. I think the best time for exploring is around 3 pm-6 pm.


After finished island trip, you can go to see the viewpoint just walk around 20 minutes. The journey up isn’t difficult at all, the path is well-trodden and paved most of the way. It was great experience to visited this place.

Hope every thing will get well soon from covid-19 and please don’t forget to wear the mask and wash your hands all the time !


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