4 Days In Trang, South Thailand

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Hello to everybody. We have been unable to travel for a long time due to covid-19, but the government allows us now to travel without being quarantined. Today, I would like to share my travel’s experience to Trang, South Thailand. Land of unspoilt, beauty, kind and friendly people, delicious food, amazing islands and paradise white sand beaches.

According to the government’s notification, you must receive a covid-19 vaccination for two doses or get certificate of an RT-PCR result within 72 hours, and if you ever infected to the covid19, you must have medical certificate data within 90 days.

You must first decide which city you want to visit and then verify the guidelines, as each city has distinct criteria.

Because I already got two doses, I decided to show them my Thailand digital health pass of COVID-19 vaccination at the airport. Before you can enter Trang, you must first scan a QR code and complete up a registration form.

We traveled to Trang province on the first day.

1. Kawi Ong Eia Shrine: It is considered a large shrine. According to the Hokkien Chinese language, in Thai language call “Kawi Ong Eia Shrine” and also the oldest around 130 years in Trang province.

2. Wat Tantayapirom is a Thai temple in Trang province that was built during the reign of King Rama V about 1918 as a place for the ceremony to drink an oath of allegiance of government officials.

3. Chan-Chala Night Marketis located in front of the train station and offers a variety of foods, including candies and traditional Thai snacks. That reminds me of when I was a kid.

On the second day, we booked a private tour to Kradan Island, Morakot Cave (Emerald Cave), and Koh Chueak-Ko. We selected King Travel since they include a guide, a lunch box with fruit, insurance, water, snorkeling equipment, and parking with good service,  a reasonable price and such a kind demeanor.

We are unable to swim, but our guide can take us and teach us how to snorkel. This is my first experience of snorkeling.

The best place I like is Kradan Island and Emerald cave. Kradan Island is beautiful beach and clear sea. I spend 2 hours here for snorkeling and relax on the beach. Emerald cave is unseen in Trang,  you need to enter the cave, one must swim for 80 meters via a tiny entry hole. With the light from the outside, green water can be seen within the cave, and there will be a clean beach inside. Because it rained at that time, we enjoy it for 10 mins and go back the same way that we came from.

They have squid fishing and you can eat it with shoyu and wasabi on the trip, but I decided not to go because it was raining hard at the time, so I went directly to the hotel in Koh Mok.

We booked through the government campaign “We Travel Together Phase 3.” This will be the topic of my next article.

I went to Pak Meng beach on the third and fourth days. First, I reserved a long-tail boat and a vehicle from the hotel in the middle of the night. The scenery on the route to Pak Meng by lon-rail boat is so beautiful that it makes me feel refreshed and enjoy the view. If I’m accurate, it should take around 20-30 minutes, and then I’ll take the van.

Pak Meng is a long, thin strip of beach with stunning views of the level, tranquil ocean and the islands of Koh Ngai and Koh Muk.

I came in the afternoon, and it rained throughout day and evening. I went for a walk on the beach and a sunset viewing. That is amazing, gorgeous, and the voice from the sea makes me feel calm and comfortable.

This is my trip after a long period of not being able to go and have new and nice experiences that I attempted. In my opinion, Trang is a beautiful place with a variety of activities. If you like seafood, I believe you will enjoy at Trang because it is easy to find and delicious. Tomyum seafood and steamed snapper with lemon are two of my favorite dishes.

I hope everything gets better soon and we can resume our normal lives. Don’t forget to take care of yourself by using alcohol gel and wearing a face mask whenever you go outside. Thank you very much.

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