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“We Travel Together Phase 3” Let’s have fun on your vacation.

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Last artical I talk about “We Travel Together Phase 3” from the government campaign. This campaign aims to increase public spending by promoting local travel. Increase the liquidity of hotel operators and allied enterprises. Encourage employment creation and the overall rehabilitation of the country’s economy. The government will pay 40%, and we must pay 60%, the price not over 3,000 THB and provide a food ticket or travel place worth 600 THB . A single person can max out at 15 times.

People who have already registered for the We travel together phase 1 and 2 programs do not need to re-register for new privileges. This campaign start from September 24, 2021 – January 31, 2022 but you can begin a hotel/accommodation booking with this method. From October 8, 2021 to January 23, 2022. Available only for Thai people.


First, you must have the “Paotang” application and register for apply. But unfortunately, registration is closed now.  I registered for this campaign in phase 1 but did not use it. Until phase 3 began, I want to visit Trang. I begin to look into which hotels can be used. Check on the website “We travel together” or ask the hotel directly.

After that, I made a direct reservation with Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort, and they sent me a link to my Paotang application. I checked the link, clicked accept, and paid the money.

After arriving at the resort, you can check-in using the Paotang application, after which you will see a food ticket of 600 THB that you can use until midnight on the day you check out. I took the opportunity to spend coupons at the resort. The food was delicious, and the view of the beach and sunset was breathtaking. This resort is located directly on the beach. Nice and clean with a great view. The staff is friendly.


This is my first time commenting on the government’s We Travel Together initiative, and I believe you may register to join again in the future. For your information, if you arrived by aircraft, you can register on the website for flight subsidies after you return. The government will refund you not more than 2000 THB (Round Trip).

Have you ever tried this campaign? Please share your experience with us if you have any comments or ideas. Thank you.

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