Effects of Working Too Much

3 illness Effects of Working Too Much

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These days, office workers are putting in excessive hours. Because the costs are prohibitively high, both working outside and working inside. Today’s theme is illness and the effects of working too much.

Office syndrome

One of the most common illnesses among and the effects of working too much. Office employees is “office syndrome,” which is induced by the routine of staring at a computer screen all day. This causes the muscles to become tight and inflamed since you are not moving or walking. This may result in musculoskeletal illness symptoms. So you need to exercise in the proper posture for the symptoms, Modify the working environment. After sitting for an extended period of time, stand up or walk.


Effects of working too much is stress. You will have Migraines. Migraine is a disease characterized by severe headaches. Often has pain in one side of the head While in pain, there is often nausea or vomiting. You should always maintain a healthy lifestyle. continue to work out Avoid stimuli or stimulants that trigger headaches, minimize stress, and obtain proper rest. Avoid any alcoholic beverages. to avoid recurring headaches.

Stomach ache from stress

The accumulation of daily stress is the culprit that encourages the stomach to generate more gastric juice than usual. As a result, the body is always awake, causing stomach discomfort and the intestines to constrict. So you should eat at the appropriate time, do not consume spicy foods and fried food. Regular exercise, abstinence from alcohol, and a lack of stress.

In my experience, I work all day in front of a computer and I need more overworking several days a month since I have a lot of customers, which exhausts me, causes stress, and leaves me with little time to care for myself. I suffer from headaches as well as chronic discomfort in my neck, and shoulders. That is effects of working too much. I feel like I need to take better care of myself, so I attempted to strike a work-life balance by manage time, going exercise in the park, eat good food and rest. It has made my health better than I was before. So please take care yourself.

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